Simple Again isn’t how we started over 15 years ago.  We discovered Simple Again along the way.

Dan Young, our founder, started Performance Food Centers (PFC) in 1999 to help bring natural, whole-foods nutrition into the fitness world. Dan had gotten sick and then healed himself through the discovery of natural, whole foods. He wanted to show others how they could do the same and stay healthy by eating right. We started by supplying one juice bar, then another.

Along the way, we discovered how complicated people thought nutrition was.  It doesn’t have to be…in fact, it can be quite simple once you filter out all the noise and misinformation.  So that’s what we did…we became the filter.

Now, all these years later, Dan is still healthy and we’ve helped tons of people (just like you) get healthy too!

  • Through PFC, we’ve helped open juice bars all over the country (and beyond) and have served up a whole bunch of natural products to help people achieve their health, wellness & performance goals.
  • With swiig (Stuff with Infinite Goodness), we’ve made those products available for everyone to use whenever (and wherever) you want!

So you see, what we’ve done is made good nutrition and good health…Simple Again!